Pix Reporting

Data management is the most challenging work in a company. Saving data's and reach required statistics of Customers/Company provides great benefits. Therefore, as Pixelsoftoffice, we built a brand new application called PixReporting.

Basically, PixReporting is built to create different types of reports and visual interpretations through a single interface. No other applications are required.

Through this application, users can create special reports, save and display current datas.

What you can do with PixReporting:

  • You can perfectly manage your datas.
  • You can easily create reports and tables
  • You can ensure report tracking and management via basic user interface
  • You can display statistics

PixReporting is not only a data management application but also a user management application. The administrator can choose which datas users will display.

Now your datas are much more organized with PixReporting by Pixelsoftoffice!

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