Our business model

Pixelsoftoffice, by combining the methods of software architecture, developed "6 Step Model" to offer faster, more efficient and more appropriate solutions to its business partners.

Well, what’s the “6 step model”?

With the developed model every single step of the services can be tracked, the priorities can be detected, and when necessary, new approaches are developed.

detecting the element that needs to be improved,
before the execution of the work, structuring out wide range planning,
creating the execution of the work and sharing the information with the partner
company testing the prototype,
evaluating the feedback and if necessary
making changes in the project,
implementing the project,
following the project to protect its up-to-dateness
and responding to its urgent needs.

Pixelsoftoffice to minimize margin of error, carries out the project carefully on each step. It is also prepared to encounter risks.

Let’s examine the Third Step for example. Pixelsoftoffice displays the applicability of the solutions and the prototype developed by the project team. Thus, shows the business partners to what extend business needs will be met.

Pixelsoftoffice allows your business to live in real life; always keeping you satisfied.

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