E-commerce solutions

Why e-commerce?

With the increasing use of the Internet in the 90s, e-commerce is no longer indispensable today for producers and consumers. e- commerce that offers faster and more effective solutions compared to traditional trade, reduces the work load and provides productivity.

With its experience Pixelsoftoffice is commited to provide more effective services to its growing e-commerce sector partners. With B2B and B2C solutions, Pixelsoftoffice promises more than the ordinary understanding of e-commerce. Customer-oriented structure of Pixelsoftoffice gives importance to integration and allows you to work with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems that its business partners are using for their e-commerce infrastructure.

Step by step e-commerce…

These are the steps to be followed for a more successfull and efficient e-commerce:

1)    Preparing infrasturucture for planning and commence

Planning is a process to look at the future and to detect the possible options. In other words, it is to think about future. For this reason, Pixelsoftoffice is engaged at the beginning of the work and offers you the right planning for your business. Along with the planning, it is only possible to follow the cunsumption patterns that stand out in e-commerce with a right software and robust infrasturucture. Pixelsoftoffice introduces its business partners the right software solutions in different subjects such as shopping habbits and campaign management.

2)    Bringing to life e- commerce projects

It is highly important for Pixelsoftoffice to have customer-friendly, simple and understandable interfaces. It also allows the execution of site content through the user panel. It cares about the site being integrated with social media. If necessary, Pixelsoftoffice offers tailor-made solutions. For example, gift coupons, promotions, e-mailing processes and etc.

3)    Following the projects undertaken

Pixelsoftoffice’s experienced team shows the same importance to following up the actual e-commerce projects as the projects in the implementation phase. Our company policy is Excellent Customer Service in every project. It is important to analyze the project and write it with right strategies as well as supporting it once it’s implemented.

In short, Pixelsoftoffice not only brings to life projects, it also provides the companies to earn customer satisfaction and improves efficiency and supervision of work related productivity while reducing the operational costs.

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