E-commerce solutions

What Pixelsoftoffice aims for e-commerce projects that are developed for its business partners are;

  • to learn expectations, analyze current market position and start to build future and better position for customers,
  • to present easy to use, understandable, responsive and simple interfaces and panels,
  • to provide optional solutions like search engine optimization, mailing, campaing monitoring and gift coupons,
  • to track and give support for every steps of project..

  • The customers can easily access to products they are interested without limits of time and space, can buy the special packs that are prepared for them with more advantageous prices and also can benefit from custom-defined campaign. 

    On the other hand, operational processes of the shopping are managed via the administration panel that are integrated with the accounting system.

    TS Club Shopping Site

    BP Order Control Management

    Selamlique Istanbul Shopping Site

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